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Video Screen Capture

screen video capture

Screen video capture, protected video recorder software free downloads.

Want to capture screen, record video from your screen, convert protected movies? The following video screen capturer is what you need. You can save streaming movies, news broadcasts, webcam shows, chat conversations or just about anything else you can see on your screen! Guide: how to record movie and capture video from your screen.

Screen recording, video capture software - liteCam is an easy to use video recorder which allows you to capture videos / movies from your screen into a compact AVI file at virtually the same quality! The powerful screen capturing tool is also the very first screen capture and movie record software in the industry to fully support Windows 8, 7, Vista.

Use the easy to use Audio Setup Wizard to automatically detect your sound card. Capture them, store them, save them or even burn them so you can watch them on TV.

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The video screen capture program allows users to record any type of streaming or non-streaming movie to a convenient AVI movie file for optimal space and quick access.

In order to make this product available to the general public, our engineers have made this product available at economy cost and incorporated an interface that is extremely easy to use.

The video capturer comes with a built in Audio Setup Wizard which makes setting up the visual settings as easy as clicking a button. This has always been considered as the most difficult part of using screen recording software, as there are so many different video and audio cards available. Our Audio setup wizard also detects the sound card installed on the user's computer and automatically sets it up for the best sound quality.

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