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MP3 to WAVE Converter Recommend!
Converting between MP3, WMA and WAVE file.

MP3 to WAVE Converter automatically converts MP3 & WMA files into CD compatible WAV files! (How to convert WMA, MP3 to WAVE?)

Right click on a MP3 or WMA file, select 'Covert to WAV' and it starts chugging along! No confusing bit rate calculations or rocket science know-how needed!

With this extremely useful software you can convert MP3 to WAVE files for creating custom CD's or for editing in your favorite editor! It will even automatically detect incomplete music downloads!
mp3 to wave convertor - converting mp3 wma wave

Support Formats
Convert between MP3, WMA, WAVE, WAV
Convert M3U to WAVE, PLS to WAVE
Key Features
  • Convert MP3 into CD quality format WAV files ready to burn.
  • Convert freely between WMA, MP3 & WAV.
  • Easy to use – Just one right click of the mouse!
  • High quality 32 bit sound engine with anti-aliasing!
  • Batch convert folders and subfolders with a single right click!
  • Automatically normalizes audio files to a consistent volume level.
  • Will sense incomplete music downloads or blank songs!
  • Automatically trims unwanted silence from the start and end of songs!
  • Convert music play lists (.M3U, .PLS) to WAV.
  • Plenty of MP3 encoding options to choose from depending on if you want high or low quality sound MP3s.
  • Automatically create CD compatible WAV files for burning or editing!
Guide: How to convert WMA or MP3 to WAVE files?

Built in to Windows itself! All it takes is a simple right click in Windows & your converting! No need to launch another program and then go find your file! It's right at your disposal on the right click menu. Just right click on a file, select "Convert T0 WAV" to start the conversion. If you want to convert the WMA -> MP3, select "Convert to.." then select "MP3"!

converting mp3 to wave
To set default formats or other settings, right click on the MP3, WMA or WAV, select "Convert to" & then "Options". IT'S THAT EASY!!!   Buy the MP3 WAVE Converter Now


Q: what am I doing wrong? How do I use this MP3 WAVE converter?
To start converting MP3/audio files, you need to right click on the audio file in Windows. Yes, you heard right...You start the program by right clicking on your MP3 / audio files in Windows.

For example, if you had a bunch of MP3 files in "C:\My Music", you would first double click "My Computer", followed by double clicking "(C:)", followed by double clicking the "My Music" folder. Select the MP3 files you want to convert. You can select the MP3 files by either dragging, or if you hold down the Ctrl key you can individually select them. Right click on one of the selected MP3 files and a menu will appear. Click "Convert to WAV" and the program will start!

Q: There is no option to convert WMA files and I can't convert files to WMA!
You may not have installed the Microsoft WMA engine which is required. To download and install WMA support, click here.
IMPORTANT: If you have a brand new install of WinXP SP2, you may need to run this additional patch program wma-sp2-fix.exe in order to use WMA properly with the MP3 to WAVE Convertor.

Q: How do I convert more than one file at a time?
In the Window's Explorer, select the audio files you want to convert.

You can select the audio files by left clicking and then dragging over the file icons (When you are dragging it shows a big square.). Or you can select the files by holding down the Ctrl key and left clicking on the individual songs you want.

Right click on one of the selected audio files and a menu will appear. Click "Convert to WAV" and the program will start! All the files selected will be queued up.

Q: Converting entire folders
It is possible to simply right click on a folder and convert all the folder's audio files. When you right click on a folder, you will see the option "Convert this folder's audio files to" and a submenu to select the destination format.
Optionally, you will be able to convert audio files in all sub-folders as well. This can be very useful for changing the file format of your entire music library! For example, you might like to free up some space on your computer and would like to convert all your 192 kbps MP3s into 128 kbps WMA files, for example.

Q: Are the original files replaced by the converted files?
No. The audio files that you convert are not deleted. They are kept intact. The converted audio files are stored in the decode directory, which defaults to "C:\Converted Audio Files\".

Q: Converted sounds are sounding bad.
The converted sounds are sounding grainy. Go to the options, click the Wave tab and set it to use the "best suited format".

Q: Conversions are taking a long time.
Go to the options dialog to set the pauses to a shorter time. 50 – 250 millisecond pauses are a good setting. For maximum speed, you can set it to 0 millisecond pauses if you don’t need to do any other processing on your computer!
In addition, it is natural for conversions to WMA and MP3 to take longer than converting to WAV.

Q: Can I run it via the command line for batch files, etc?

Yes you can! You can launch it via the command line like this :
mp3towave -C "pathtomp3"

Note that it needs the quotes around the path to the MP3 and the c needs to be a capital C. Of course, the "Acoustica MP3 to Wave Converter PLUS" executable directory must be in your path variable or you must put the explicit path to the executable in the command line call.

If you are converting to MP3, you'll need to specify the -3 flag.


-3 (Convert to MP3)
-C (Convert to WAV)
-M (Convert to WMA)

Q: Where are my MP3/song files stored?
You're already to convert your MP3 and other audio files...but where are they?
You can go to the Window's Start button, followed by "Find", followed by "Files or Folders". Type '*.MP3' without the single quotes and make sure "My Computer" is selected in the "Look In" control. Then press the "Find Now..." button. This will take awhile and scan your hard drive for all your mp3s. Then you just have to right click on the ones you want to convert!

To find other audio file types, search for '*.WAV', or '*.WMA'.

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