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Video Record / Capture Guide

Screen video capture - LiteCam can record streaming movies, news broadcasts, webcam shows, chat conversations or just about anything else you can see on your screen. With this powerful screen video recorder software, you can record protected movies, streaming videos like Youtube, Realmedia with ease.

1. Handware acceleration and audio recording settings

Download the powerful screen video record/capture program, install and run.
The first dialog box is a tip which recommends to select the automatic hardware acceleration. Second dialog box you will see (if you are running liteCam for the first time) asks you to run Audio Wizard, which will guide you to set device to record sound from your computer. You can run this wizard from liteCam main screen as well.
record audio

You will see liteCam screen as shown below.
capture video

We recommend you to select Automatic hardware acceleration option from Tools menu so that you do not have to set this manually each time you record.

Now we have to set audio options. Close all programs that are using an audio or video device. And make sure your speakers are properly connected to your computer and that the volume is on. Then click Tools menu, select Audio Options, click "Next" button. You will see the Device setting screen as shown below. Upon clicking "Auto Detect" button, liteCam will detect your sound card.
sound card detect

2. Video Recording

There are five steps in recording. Select the Recording mode and area > Stat Recording > Save File > Choose CODEC > Stop Recording

The software offers you 3 different recording modes; Custom Size, Window Frame and Full Screen.
* Generally, we recommend using Custom Size recording when you are using any media player other than Windows Media Player. Windows recognizes most of other media players as a single frame.
If you are using Windows Media Player as your default media player, you should go with the Windows * Frame mode: this will allow you to be able to record only the movie screen without other frames such as buttons and menus.

* You can use Full Screen mode if you have a movie playing in full screen mode. However, your mouse cursor will not be recorded. We do not recommend you to use Full Screen mode unless you have a very high end system. More details about the screen video recording software>>

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